Tenants survey

Fairhazel Co-operative Members Satisfaction Survey: Information for Members 

What is this survey and why is the Fairhazel Co-operative doing it? 
As a registered social landlord the Fairhazel Co-operative is now required by the Regulator for Social Housing to collect “tenant satisfaction measures” from each household in the Co-op every two years. More about the requirements here.
Why should I fill in the survey? 
The answers to this survey will help the Fairhazel understand how members feel about living in the Co-op and identify areas that might need improvement. The more households answer the survey, the better this information will be. 
Who should fill in the survey? 
Only one person from each household (flat) should complete the survey. This includes key worker flats. 
How long does the survey take? 
The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. 
How do I complete the survey?
Please press the “take the survey” button below. If you need help completing the survey, please contact the office.
Are my answers private?
You do not need to put your name on the online survey. There is a box below to submit which household you live in. This information will not be linked to your survey answers and will be stored separately – Fairhazel Co-op privacy notice is here
The Fairhazel Co-op needs to know how many households have responded to the survey to verify the response rate and provide the information to the regulator. The Fairhazel Co-op will publish a summary of the responses, not individual survey responses.
Why these questions? 
We are required to ask question using the wording provided by the regulator. 
What will happen to the survey responses? 
As required by the regulator the Fairhazel Co-op will publish a summary of survey responses and provide a summary to the regulator. Anonymous results will be published in the Fairhazel Magazine. 
How can I find out more? 
For more information please contact the Housing Manager or the Management Committee via the office.

In order to prevent duplication, please now provide your household address before continuing to take the anonymous survey. Please select your address using the drop-down list. Once this has been submitted, you will be automatically directed to the survey.
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 The survey form will load via Microsoft forms.